Volunteer Opportunities


Iota Omicron Chapter Opportunities to be Involved In

  • Intern/Extern Program - (2) Positions

The Intern/Extern leadership program provides students and nurses with the opportunity to develop leadership skills, network within STTI's international membership of leaders by attending conferences, participating in local/regional/international STTI events as well as work with a great team of nurses. Both Registered Nurses currently in practice (Extern) AND student nurses (Intern) can apply. The attached form includes more information on eligibility and the full application for the Intern/Extern position. This is a great opportunity to get involved and connected to a nursing community in London and abroad!


  • Leadership Succession Chair 
The Leadership Succession Chair and Committee Members are responsible for networking with current members and making recommendations to the Chapter Exec for upcoming position roles during turnovers of leadership within the Chapter. This is to ensure the effective transition and orientation of members into upcoming roles. Some duties include: 
  • Develop members in organizational leadership roles across the span of their careers.
  • Arrange for mentorship of members to assume positions at all levels of 
the Honor Society.
  • Mentor members to assume positions at all levels of the organization
  • Oversee the selection of members who can provide the necessary leadership to achieve chapter goals and to meet the needs of members
  • Manage the preparation, distribution and tallying of election ballots
  • Notify all candidates (elected and non-elected) of the election results
  • Note: Those serving on the Leadership Succession Committee are not permitted to be on the slate of candidates for officer or committee positions.
  • Subcommittees

The Iota Omicron Chapter has numerous subcommittees that members may join and be involved in to maximize their membership experience. The following subcommittees are recruiting on an ongoing basis and highly encourage new and current members to pursue Chair(s) of the committees that are of interest to them:

Governance Committee Ryan Chan (rchan228@uwo.ca)
Membership Committee - Marionette Dione (mngoledi@uwo.ca)
Programs Committee - Ivy Tran (itran5@uwo.ca) & Shirley Tran (stran58@uwo.ca)
Leadership Succession Committee
- Sheila Boamah (sboamah1@gmail.com) 
Communications Committee - Ivy Tran (itran5@uwo.ca) & Shirley Tran (stran58@uwo.ca)

Updated: January 2019

  No opportunities are currently available